The NFL Lockout...Simplified (And Animated)

Does the NFL/NFLPA/CBA/NLRB alphabet soup gotcha down? Too many names, dates and locations to remember? Just hoping that someone could put it all together in a crudely animated CGI news report designed to give you a basic outline of what's going on? 

Well the good folks of Taiwan-based NMA have you covered. The same people who broke down the Tiger Woods scandal, reported on the Chinese serial foot licker and investigated whether it was Suge Knight who had Tupac Shakur killed have now set their sights on the National Football League's labor strife.

From what we can tell, some random white guys wearing Peyton Manning and Tom Brady jerseys are representing the players interests while other white guys in suits toss the pigskin around inside of empty stadiums. All the while, President Barack Obama is tasked with pardoning a flock of chickens that were apparently bound for sports bars all across the country.

Oh and Hines Ward is a white guy.

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