Matt Hasselbeck's Kid's Bracket Is Better Than Yours

If the NFL lockout starts to drag on maybe Matt Hasselbeck can make money by getting tips from his son and heading to Vegas. Five-year old Henry Hasselbeck ranks in the top one percent of the 5.9 million NCAA Tournament brackets submitted on

What's his secret?
He went through game-by-game with Dad, usually deciding the winners based on mascots. 
Spiders or Commodores? Henry went with the Spiders, explaining how he forecast Richmond's first-round upset. He liked Washington's Husky dogs over Georgia's Bulldogs in the first round.
Aah, the good ol' Animal Planet Strategy. So who does Master Henry have winning it all? The University of Florida...because he likes alligators. Considering the shape of my own brackets, who am I to argue with his logic?

Apparently the power of prognostication is strong among the Hasselbeck children. Henry's sister, Mallory is in the top three percent of all brackets. As for Dad...well, not so much. Matt's own entry ranks in the bottom half of all submitted.

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