Kimberly Bell Gets Graphic About Barry Bonds

When talking about the Barry Bonds trial so far, the word "unsavory" probably best fits what's gone on in the courtroom. It began last week when Bonds' late father, Bobby, as an unwitting fixture in how so many shady characters were attached to Barry.

It continued on Monday when we got the *ahem* inside details on what was going on with Barry's anatomy.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Gwen Knapp has been live tweeting from the courtroom since the trial began and today gave us the testimony of Kimberly Bell, Bonds' former mistress, who shared her (very) intimate knowledge about the changes in Barry'

Ick indeed. Bell also testified that Bonds said his elbow injury in 1999 was due to steroid use and that he did it because other players - namely Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa - were also using. She went on to discuss how Bonds grew acne on his back and shoulders and how his hair fell out. Later, Bell testified that Bonds "told me to disappear" in 2003 when ending the relationship.

Bonds' defense lawyers followed up by grilling Bell about her promotional appearances on different television and radio shows in an attempt to show that she is less than altruistic with her motives. But whether Bell is in this for justice or a payday should have no bearing as long as she is telling the truth. Lest we forget, Jose Canseco wasn't exactly getting lauded for his nobility when he released the book that started this whole thing in the first place.

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