Jimmer Fredette Meets Hip-Hop

There's nothing like a heaping helping of Jimmer Fredette to help BYU fans get over the Honor Code blues. Less than a week after Brandon Davies was suspended from the then-third ranked basketball team, several members of Cougar nation (and one member of the Ute Crew) released this hip-hop ode to the Beehive State's current favorite son.

Taking shots at LeBron James (they refer to The Jimmer as "the real King J") and Deron Williams (ditching his jersey for a blue & white #32), the song actually makes you forget how weary you were of The Dougie back in the fall. It also has a few entertaining cameos from several Utah basketball broadcasters including Ron Boone, David Locke and Craig Bolerjacks.

After watching how the females react to "Jimmer" in this video, it makes you wonder how he's avoided any Honor Code violations.

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