Bynum's Defense Leading The Lakers

The Lakers are streakers in a good way, no they didn't take off any part of their clothes even though that is something that Artest probably has done. Los Lakers are on undefeated since the All-Star break(that is 8 in arrow for those who are counting on their fingers) and now have found something that has lacked all season, DEFENSE.

The Lake Show has found a formula that has stifled their last 8 opponents and now look like the Back To Back Champs who we thought they were. This is a indication that Kobe must be sharing the ball and showing why he has been on the All_NBA Defensive team..... right?

Nope, not even close, it has been the monster play of Andrew Bynum. The young 23 year-old has taken on a different role or maybe the role that every Laker Fan has wanting him to embrace.
Let me throw out some numbers for you during the 8 game streak:

Hawks : 15 & 3

Blazers : 4 & 1

Clippers : 11 & 1

Thunder : 10 & 5

Timberwolves: 7 & 2

Bobcats : 17 & 6

Spurs : 17 & 3

Hawks : 16 & 3

These numbers are decent if you just look at them but the crazy thing is that these are Bynum's Rebounds and Blocks. I'm not trying to say that he has not tried to score because he is averaging 10 points 14 Rebs 3.5 Blocks during this streak.

When Andrew Bynum sacrifices his offense for defense they Lakers are by far the best team in the World.

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