Another Madden Curse For Vick?

It’s that time of year again people, even though we might not have a 2012 NFL season there still will be a Madden '12 game from EA sports.

This year is a little different in that you can vote on who should be on the cover of this year’s game. This coincides with March Madness but only has 32 players to choose from. EA has chosen one player to represent from each team and even though they don’t tell you who was in the War Room choosing these seedings, there are some interesting players in the “Big Dance”.

The video game giant decided to include Hakeem Nicks from the Giants and Jordan Gross from the Panthers, last time I checked these were not the super stars that you think of when it comes to these teams. This makes sense if you are Steve Smith who has enough injuries for a lifetime. I understand that this all for fun people but really, you have Patrick Willis from the 49ers going against “The 12th Man” from Seattle….can’t wrap my brain on that match-up even though my money is on the very violent Patrick Willis.

There is one scenario that can seem farfetched but could be plausible in that people could vote for certain players just so that person would have to succumb to the Madden Curse! And there is one player that stands out more than any other player in the tourney and that is one Michael Vick of your Philadelphia Eagles. I know...I know that would be damned mean of people to pick the 2011 Comeback Player of the Year. This is the same Vick that was on the cover in 2004 and broke his ankle in a pre-season game that had Arthur Blank rolling him up and down the sideline like some underprivileged kid.

If you think about it, there are enough haters in the world to wish this upon this Godly individual. He is only a couple of years removed from being in prison and convicted of dog fighting. There are tons of people that still believe that there are no second chances and that Vick should suffer just as much as those dogs did. In my opinion (which is the only one that counts), let this man live and don’t put him on the cover. He is better being unknown and out of sight to continue his path to righteousness. I didn’t mention that I’m a Giants fan so you know that I really mean it!

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