Will Terrell Owens' Milkshake Bring All the Boys (and Girls) to the Yard?

Terrell Owens is cashing in on NBA All-Star weekend. While it doesn't have the same marketing cache as Radio Row during Super Bowl week, it's not uncommon to see stars from other sports trying to promote during the NBA's mid-season showcase.

T.O.'s been a reality TV star and a talk show host and says he plans on becoming a movie star. But before he takes his turn on the big screen, Owens apparently wants to try his hand as a soda jerk (insert your own joke here).

A YouTube video of T.O. dressed in a Cincinnati Bengals-themed Cosby sweater and promoting his appearance at a West Los Angeles milkshake shop made its way around the Internet on Wednesday morning.

It's certainly not the first time an athlete or celebrity has lent their fame to a food menu item. But it got us wondering what exactly you'd call it? Here are a few things we came up with:
  • I Love Me Some Chocolate
  • Get Your Peanut Butter Ready
  • If It Looks Like Strawberry & Smells Like Strawberry, By Golly, It Is Strawberry
  • That's My Butterscotch!
Post your ideas in the comments section.

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