Ward and Taylor Supporting Single Mothers

The Pittsburgh Post Gazzette-Reveiw reports:

ARLINGTON, Texas — Hines Ward and Ike Taylor on Tuesday refuted an online report that they headed to a Dallas strip club only hours after landing here for Super Bowl XLV.

Ward, Taylor and a number of other "huge linemen" were seen partying at Dallas Gentlemen's Club on Monday night, Dallas Morning News reporter Gromer Jeffers Jr. wrote on his blog.

"Ward, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, danced with a couple of strippers. At one point, he tossed out dollars while receiving lap dances. Other Steelers joined him," according to the report.

Ward denied being at the club but admitted he went out for "a little bit" and "had a good time." He said he was back at the team hotel by 11:45 p.m.

Jeffers posted the blog entry at 10:50 p.m.

Ward seemed caught off-guard by the questions early during his one-hour session at media day at Cowboys Stadium, especially when a reporter said he heard Ward was at a gentleman's club the night before.

"Who did you hear that from?" Ward said. "I wasn't there."

Ward didn't deny going out, but when asked where he went, he smiled and said, "It's none of your business."

A manager with the strip club declined to comment, saying it's policy not to divulge who their customers are.

According to Taylor, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin sought him out for an explanation.

"I don't even know how my name got into it, but it's cool," Taylor said. "It's Super Bowl week, and they're looking for a story. That's all I'm going to say."

Tomlin did not have a curfew in place for the team Monday but does the rest of the week.

"Coach Tomlin isn't going to put restrictions on grown men," Ward said. "We know what's at stake. All coach Tomlin asks us to do is don't be that guy. Don't get arrested, don't go out there and do anything stupid. We are going to have fun. (Monday) was our first time here, so a lot of guys were going to have fun, but after media day it's about football.

"People are always going to tweet and do stuff," Ward added. "I don't live my life for other people. I know what I am as a person and what I mean to this organization, and I would never do anything to jeopardize my family or do anything stupid."

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