Tuesday's Birthday Shout-Out: The (Mark) Price is Right

After Ray Allen broke the NBA record for most three-pointers made in a career last week, it spawned a national discussion about who the best shooters in NBA history were.

One name that didn't get a lot of attention was Mark Price. Injuries prevented him from being a lot higher in NBA record books than he likely could have been, nonetheless, Price was one of the league's purest shooters for a very long time. A two-time winner of the three-point contest, Price was a career 40.2% shooter from beyond the arc and has since taken to helping current NBA players improve their shooting stroke.

But apparently that wasn't exciting enough to make it into this early '90s NBA music video soundtracked by Soul Asylum. Then again, since the song wasn't really going to fire anybody up, you probably would need to spice up the highlights a bit. Instead we're left with a montage that gives you the impression that Price was a Steve Nash prequel.

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