Thursday's Birthday Shout-Out: Vlade Divac, King of the Floppers

While it may be hard to remember nowadays, the Sacramento Kings were for a number of years a serious contender for an NBA title, led in part by Vlade Divac.

Raised under the cruel tutelage of Pai Mei Magic Johnson in Los Angeles, Divac played in only one All-Star game but spent the 1990s as one of the NBA's most dynamic big men. But the most enduring part of Vlade's legacy is that most European of sports traditions...the flop.

The sight of a 250+ pound man crashing to the ground with just the slightest passing breeze is an annoyance to opponents, coaches, officials and fans alike but became another potent weapon in the "Old Man Basketball" defensive arsenal. So in honor of Vlade's 43rd birthday, we remember his contribution to the NBA with a tribute his fellow players gave him on the occasion of his retirement...

As a bonus birthday shout-out, I can't forget NER's own Cacique Vargas-Pile, who thinks he turns 33 today. But because he failed to celebrate his birthday a couple of years back, he can't quite be sure. Either way, hit him up on Twitter to wish him a Happy Happy! Don't be afraid to throw us a follow while you're at it.

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