this day in sports history...Jackie Robinson signed with Brooklyn

This day is long forgotten in the sense that I had to look this up. You would think there would be more of an uproar and celebration in all sports regarding this event.

What this date means to me is really pride. Yes, I say pride because I don't think I have the heart or the resolve that this man, this pioneer, this great American has displayed for his people and race. Going from the UCLA to War and then the Negro Leagues, finally Branch Rickey had the balls to go ahead and show what a black man can do in a white sport.

Jackie was not the most talented Negro League player at the time as Josh Gibson could swing with the best of them. No, he had the best temperament that any one man could have done in this situation. If you think about, we are all punks compared to what people in the Civil Rights Movement. Today we could not stand sitting on the back of the bus or staying in low budget hotel and eating establishments. The biggest and most important words he ever spoke of were the words he didn't say. If I was called "Nigger", "Spook", "Monkey", "Tar Baby" and last but not least "Jiggaboo".

Today we would have not let the word Ni...come out someones mouth before we take a fist to their face.

Jackie Robinson is a better man than I will ever be.

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