Police Seize Desmond Clark's Rental Home

According to a report from a Tampa television station, local police in Lakeland, FL have temporarily seized custody of a rental home belonging to Chicago Bears' tight end Desmond Clark. The seizure came after police grew tired of repeatedly investigating the house because of suspected illegal activity.

Via BayNews9.com:
Known drug dealers and prostitutes were regular guests at the rental home of Desmond Clark, of the Chicago Bears, owns at 901 North Tennessee Ave. in Lakeland, according to police.
Police say Clark and his brother, who acts as the property's landlord, were warned several times to clean up the property before the issue was brought before Lakeland's City Nuisance Abatement Board. The board decided that the house should be made off-limits on January 15th. At that point, the windows were boarded and signs were put up warning people not to trespass on the property. Clark will be allowed to once again rent the property beginning next year.

One of the questions that has been asked (and as yet unanswered) regarding the lockout is whether any off-field transgressions would be punished by the Commissioner's office once the NFL resumed playing. This could be a potential test case, especially if Clark is found to have any further connection to the unsavory types who were using the house for *ahem* business purposes.

(H/T to Todd Wright)

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