NER Playlist: Tony Parker Seeks Balance

Since hip-hop music is such a large part of NBA culture, it shouldn't be surprising that even a guy like Tony Parker would try to make his mark in music.

Considering how unassuming the Spurs are as a whole, I always imagined Duncan, Parker and Ginobili listening to Kenny G or Sade. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it doesn't lend itself to living a hip-hop lifestyle.

TP is apparently out to prove me wrong. Seems the Belgian baller put out a French hip-hop album back in 2007 (it even featured Jamie Foxx!) and the first single made it all the way to number one on the French charts. Since I pretty much have just a high school understanding of the French language, I didn't catch a good chunk of it, (the poor mix on his mic didn't help either) although I do think I heard something about Snoop Dogg in there.

TP was always the good teammate, putting Tim Duncan, Robert Horry Brent Barry and Nazr Mohammed in one of his videos. But something tells me this video is more a re-enactment of the reason Parker and Eva Longoria broke up. 

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