Monday's Birthday Shout-Out: Steve Francis' Legacy

Over the weekend, a conversation arose on Twitter about the best "pound-for-pound" players in NBA history. Allen Iverson and Isiah Thomas were considered the top two (in no particular order), but one interesting name did pop up.

Steve Francis.

The Franchise had the skills to be one of the NBA's great stars for a long time. Ankle-breaking handles, a lightning quick first step, a killer jumper and ridiculous hops made Francis the most exciting player to come out of a very deep 1999 draft class.

But the NBA history books are littered with prospects who for one reason or another failed to live up to their potential. In Francis' case, he was often his own worst enemy. From his initial refusal to play for the Vancouver Grizzlies, Francis began a pattern of wearing out his welcome wherever he went.

After his very short stay with the Beijing Shougang Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association, it appears that we've seen the last of Steve Francis in professional basketball. Looking back on what he could do on the floor, you have to shake your head and wonder what could have been.

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