Monday's Birthday Shout-Out: Clipper Darrell's Greatest Love

It's only fitting that on Valentine's Day, our birthday shout goes to a guy who has displayed unconditional love through circumstances thick and thin - mostly thin.

Anyone who has ever been to a Los Angeles Clippers game knows that no one is a bigger fan than Clipper Darrell. Sprinting through the stands dressed in a blue and red three-piece suit leading cheers, Darrell Bailey has been a fixture at Clipper games for years. He even went so far as to spend $12,000 to give his BMW a custom Clipper paint job.

As a man who says he and the Clips are going to "ride and die" together, he once turned down an offer from Mark Cuban to move to Dallas and become the Mavericks' number one fan. (Darrell says he's never been to the state of Texas.) Although with recent news that he wasn't going to renew his season tickets because of recent mistreatment by the franchise, you wonder if this relationship isn't on the rocks.

But the Clipper Darrell love story goes beyond L.A.'s "other" team. Darrell is a huge fan of NBA basketball as he showed while breaking down the playoffs in 2009...

So happy birthday to you, Clipper Darrell. The best present would be the Clips getting their act together and giving him his seats back. But I'm sure he'd settle for Blake Griffin winning the dunk contest this weekend, right?

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