Does Antonio Cromartie Want To Fight Kevin Mawae, Too?

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a brief but heated feud between New York Jets' cornerback Antonio Cromartie and Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

The spat began when Hasselbeck suggested that Cromartie (who had recently criticized NFLPA leadership) didn't know "what CBA stands for". Cromartie not so kindly offered to give Hasselbeck a facial re-do before the quarterback sheepishly withdrew his comments.

So it's with baited breath that we wait to hear what Cromartie has to say about NFLPA president (and former Jet) Keven Mawae's comments in Sunday's New York Post. In an interview with Steve Serby, Mawae commented on player unity while taking an unsolicited shot at the Jets' DB. Via NY Post:
I think our players understand the issues. If you have guys like (Antonio) Cromartie who want to pop off because they don't know what's going on, they haven't taken the initiative to understand the issues. I truly believe we're more united than ever before.
Earlier in the interview, Mawae says the union has spent the past two years preparing players for the possibility of a lockout and that if a player isn't educated on the issues, then that is the player's fault. But to come back minutes later and imply that there ARE uneducated players by calling one out by name suggests a failure on the part of the union.

The point has been made repeatedly that the owners with their deeper pockets and alternate sources of income have the resources to withstand a work stoppage better than the players. For those that have heeded the union's warnings and saved in preparation of not receiving that weekly game check, they will likely be okay. But labor solidarity needs everyone pulling the same direction and if ownership senses they can pick off a disgruntled player here or there, it could poison the well for everyone.

There are still about three weeks until the March 4 deadline, but already outside observers like former MLB union chief Marvin Miller doubt the resolve of the union. When the NFL's union leadership is taking public swipes at its own membership, it does nothing to restore faith.

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  1. As a Jet-Fan, let me say that in many ways, I always thought, and continue to think Kevin is not only one of the greatest to ever play the position of Center in the NFL, I think his presence in the locker room and out with us Jet-fans has never been forgotten, nor replaced. He is truly a classy-guy. Having said that, I think the union is setting EVERYONE up to be losers here.

    The NFLPA doesn't help itself or it's position when the head of their bargaining counsel is an Obama-thug who BTW uses terms like "...we're at war!" when describing their partners (ownership) at the bargaining table.

    The owners knew they signed onto a bad CBA deal several years ago, but at the time, revenues were still pointing up. They kicked the can down the road just like ALL of our elected officials in Washington have done for three generations. Well, just like Washington, the bill has now come due.

    Several football franchises are struggling (like Jacksonville and Charlotte) financially; and this is WITH revenue-sharing! So while player's salaries have continued to skyrocket over the past three decades (along with tickets, parking, hot dog and beer prices we fans now struggle to pay) profits to the owners has at best stayed level, and in more cases than they would like to admit, several have declined; declined to such a point that there have been grumblings from the Manhattan offices of the NFL that one or two franchises might actually fold in order to make the league financially stronger. Whether that's true or not, does any player want to take the risk of being out on the streets, looking to replace some guy on a factory assembly-line somewhere in order to feed his family? Because that's what a lot of NFLers will be doing if football is a no-go next year!

    It's high-time the union faced the same music the rest of us (in the real world) have been forced to deal with since 2008; and that is "times have changed"! All of us have had to learn to live with less; A LOT LESS! ( Are ya happy now Mr. President???) It's time pro-athletes learned what the rest of us have known for years. Things ain't what they used to be when it comes to earning a paycheck. Time to buckle-up and get ready for a bumpy ride fellas, 'cause like it or not, the NFL is still a business; and when businesses lose money, the first place they cut their costs is LABOR!

    BATTER-UP! (Okay, maybe not the best metaphor, but you get my point.)