A Bird Made A Million Off The Super Bowl!

Yo..Bryan "Birdman" Williams the CEO of Cash Money Records tells and shows why he is about his cash and his money, especially when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl. It is reported by XXL Magazine that "Birdman" made a million dollars by betting on the Green Bay Packers at a Las Vegas sports book this past Super Bowl. He has his boy Lil Wayne to thank for the tip, since Wayne made it perfectly clear that he is a Packers fan and if you did't know that you should hear his rap called" Green and Yellow "(Check the NER archives)

Birdman took to twitter to announce that the money is gonnne:

"I already spent that money [on] a Landaulet Maybach," Birdman revealed in an interview. "My son [Lil Wayne] is a Green Bay fan -- I'm a diehard Saints fan, but he's a die-hard Green Bay fan. So I just went hard. And I believed Green Bay was going to win, they pulled it off. My son knows a lot of about sports, so I was just like whatever he's going to rock with I'm going to rock with hard." (XXL Mag)

I can only dream of coming up on pay day like that. By the way a Maybach cost around 1.5 million dollars....yes for a car.

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