A's Fans Getting Shortchanged On Beer?

What do Oakland A's and Seattle Seahawks fans have in common? Apparently both are getting ripped off when it comes to buying beer.

It was back in January when some fans at Seattle's Qwest Field recognized that the "small" and "large" beer cups held the same amount of liquid (despite the $1.25 price difference). The Seahawks tried to calm fans by announcing they would sell beer for the lower price for their remaining home schedule - which was just one game.

But it seems the folks in the Emerald City weren't the only ones playing Mr. Wizard. Last May, a couple of A's fans conducted an experiment similar to the one in Seattle.

What makes this more egregious is the significant price difference the A's are charging between the two sizes. The "Small Domestic Draft Beer" was priced at $4.99 last season with the "Large Domestic Draft Beer" going for $8.00 - a difference of more than $3!

Oakland has been one of the teams commonly mentioned when the issue of franchise revenue has come up in Major League Baseball. Not to say that Lew Wolff and the guys in the East Bay are hoarding cash, but it makes you wonder how bad off they'd be if they weren't getting that extra three bucks.

It also makes you wonder how many other teams in professional sports are going to have to start re-pricing their beers.

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