Jeremy Piven calls Big Ben "Rapist-berger"

Maybe it's because Jeremy Piven is just a bitter Bears fan. Or maybe he's channeling Ari Gold. Either way, the caustic actor was filmed by TMZ sounding off on what he expects to be a pretty lame Super Bowl between Ben "Rapist-berger and the Cheese Heads."

While kicking it at the Sundance Film Festival, Piven aired his thoughts on this week's big game only to realize all too late that the whole thing was being recorded for posterity.

The bad news for Piven may not be that he comes off looking like a douche - after all, he has a long history of that and doesn't really seem all that bothered by it. The bad news may be that it does give Big Ben grounds for a defamation suit. After all, while Roethlisberger has been accused (twice), he's never actually been found guilty of rape.

While he's at it, Ben could toss these guys in with Piven.

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