NER Playlist: Green and Yellow

Music videos touting one of the Super bowl participants are as much a late January tradition as stories about oddballs at Super Bowl Media Day. Going all the way back to the 1985 Chicago Bears and the Super Bowl Shuffle, we have heard nearly an endless stream of songs designed to rally the fanbase while professing love for the home team.

Most of them suck. For instance, Seattle's ode to Matt Hasselbeck.

Even having a big name star write/produce/perform your team's song doesn't guarantee quality...Prince, anyone?

But there is hope...and it's the newest addition to the New Era Radio Playlist!

Grab yourself a drank, lay back and enjoy Pizzle and Prophetic's "Green and Yellow". It's fitting that a Super Bowl that features Wiz Khalifa's beloved Black & Yellow should have a song revamped to honor their championship game opponents.

Finally, a team-centric rap song without the Dr. Seuss lyrics and a respectable level of production for the accompanying video. Aah, how refreshing. Put on your Vince Lombardi glasses and "throw it up like bulimics do..."

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