I get it from Grandma!

This past week I was in NYC and had to lay my Grandmother to rest. Beatrice Vargas was and still in my heart one of the greatest sports fans that I have come to love. She was 86 years old and would have been 87 this January 19th, I always thought I received my sports hunger from Orlando Pile (My father) but it seems that Bea Vargas nudged her fandom into my DNA.
My Grandmother was a fan of all NYC sports with a dash of The Williams Sisters and the Cabloasian himself Tiger Woods. When I tell you that she was huge sports fan, all the way up to her dying day she was still yelling at Tom Coughlin for just not being a good coach. Eli Manning doesn’t help her stomach either but she tolerates him since he probably threw the greatest pass in Giants history. She loves the Jets for Rex Ryan’s bravado and confidence. He really brings out the true New Yorker in her. I will be going for the Jets in this week’s playoff game even though I’m a huge Giants fan, she has me crossing my allegiances.
Now on onto baseball, where she was that rare Yankee/Mets fan. I guess whoever was good at the time fits the bill. I don’t blame her there have been a lot of ups and downs with New York sports in her lifetime. I’m sure she will like to thank Bill Buchner, Bucky “Freakin” Dent and Aaron Boone for some of the greatest moments in her life……period. Even though she really could not open her heart to A-Rod at this time, she will thank him for helping her beloved Yanks give another kid a reason to ditch school and stroll down the “Avenue of Heroes” and watch the parade of champions.
I left the Knicks for last. I’m a little upset with Knicks for the fact that they waited for the year my Grandmother to pass and they are actually a team that is enjoyable to watch, Isaiah Thomas didn’t ruin the franchise under his reign. Thanks Donnie Walsh for trying to put something together and give another reason to watch sports.
When it is all said and done Beatrice lived her life, and will go down as a great NY fan regardless of what team.

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