To Vick or Not Vick...That is the Question

This week it is a pivotal week for me in fantasy football. The playoffs have started and I'm the #1 seed. There is a little swagger to my game at this moment in time, but as I tell my football team to be humble and respect your opponent. My opponent this week is my cousin who really doesn't know anything about football but he is the commissioner of the you know that he was going to make the playoffs no matter what.

I guess the biggest dilemma is "To Vick or Not to Vick" . Mike Vick is the starting QB on my fantasy team and he is putting up video game numbers. He is looking like Jesus in cleats at this point in time. Even on his bad nights he really good and helps me pull out victories. It's like watching a bad sucks but you can't stop looking. I'm pretty sure it's all that coaching that I have invested in him. Anyway back to my dilemma, you think it is a slam dunk to start him, a no brainer to roll him out to the field right? WRONG! Not so fast my friend(Thanks Corso).....There is another variable to this equation. There is a rock in my boot and it's name is the New York Football Giants.

The New York Giants are my childhood football team that have mad at times but all in all they are have been good most of my lifetime. This week the Giants play Mike Vick and the Eagles and this is for 1st place in the NFC East. By no account this is the biggest game of the year, well........ so far. It is hard to put allegiances aside and go for mine.

When it is all said and done I will pick Vick to give me 50 points and help collect my 1st p[lace check. I don't ever remember Joe Morris or Lawrence Taylor coming to my house to tuck me in at night. Well, LT might if I had some cocaine or a 16 year-old prostitute laying in my bed. To put it nicely.....It's a Recession Bitches!

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