That's Why You're The Clippers

I've often said that in the NBA there are three ways of doing things: the right way, the wrong way and the Clipper Way. That belief was once again reinforced by Monday's story on Yahoo Sports in which Marc J. Spears reports that Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been routinely heckling point guard Baron Davis from his courtside seats.

Let me say that again. Sterling has been heckling Baron Davis...his own player!

Sterling has been the gold standard when it comes to bad ownership, which in some ways should probably be admired. After all, it takes hard work and dedication to create The Worst Franchise In Sports History. And while it certainly doesn't compare to charges of racism and discrimination, publicly hazing your own players is one of the ultimate sins of an owner...especially one that has historically had problems attracting top free agent talent. Even more so when the player in question is actually the one major free agent acquisition you have been able to reel in.

I guess Blake Griffin really will look good as a Laker in four years.

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