I Wear My Sports Team on my Sleeve

This past weekend I realize that not one player on any sports team really has a clue on what or who you are.  We as fans tend to see life through athletes eyes , looking at their pockets and get whisked away of what “We” have accomplished.  My ups and downs most of the time translates to what my teams ups and downs.  It’s like having that girlfriend who is having a crappy weekend and you know as a man that this may hamper your “Mr. Happy Time” with your woman.  So in turn you start having a crappy weekend and you get hit by the law…Murphy’s Law.
Well, that weekend was this weekend for me. First it starts with the Lakers on Friday night losing to the Utah Jazz 96-102.  Mind you that Thanksgiving was the day before and I really didn’t care as much as I normally would.  My father on the other hand, had to take extra heart pills and started watching the movie Tap with Gregory Hines to have some joy in his life.
As the night went on I realized I didn’t know if my old high school football team had beat Crenshaw in the second round of the City playoffs. So finally the article is posted around midnight, to my dismay it was a shellacking that most people had predicted. According to the paper Narbonne was losing by 21 before their bus pulled into the parking lot. The romp was on and my depression level went up another level. I did the only thing I could do…..watched the west coast feed of Tap on HBO west.
To my liking Saturday had finally had arisen and yes…a new sports day.  Today is college football and USC  Trojans will take on The Fightin Irish of Notre Dame.(Man, I wish Keith Jackson was still around.) The plan was to take my daughter to the movies around 5pm and catch the 2nd half when we got home. What did I see at the movies? I’m glad you asked.  Went to the 2 dollar movie (N*ggas is broke these days.) and saw The Other Guys with Wil Ferrell. Have to admit it was a funny ass movie. This was the case when the previews of the movie got me psyched out and was greatly surprised on how funny it was. Ok, back to Notre Dame…I’m fighting with my girlfriend to keep the station on 710 so I get the score of the game.  I just wanted to know how big the blowout was so my sports weekend can be saved.  As the sports gods looked down on me and laughed, USC was losing and to top it off it was raining at the Coliseum. Thanks Tony Tone Toni for your great song, it is safe to say they will never be weathermen.  Finally I make it home to watch Mitch Mustain throw “RoJo” the most wide open pass that you can get. (Stevie Johnson-Buffalo Bills) As Rojo dropped the pass you saw the Trojans winning streak vs. the hated Irish fall on the sloppy tundra of the coliseum.  Depression level is now half full.
On a side note the Lakers lost to the Indiana Pacers at home 92-95. Who cares…its regular season loses……right?
As the sounds of horns blow to wake me up in the morning as they did Akeem in Coming to America, I yelled, “Time for fantasy football Sunday”. Then I asked for a “Royal Bath”.  I was disappointed that no women came to my aide. So now  it’s my time to shine as I’m in 1st place and I’m playing my cousin who is in 2nd to last place.  I’m pretty sure Vegas had me favored by 7. Luckily I already had a lead since Benjarvis ”The Law Firm” Green-Ellis  played for me on turkey day.  Did I mention that I have Michael Vick?  Yes, that Michael Vick who has been VICKtimizing the league this year. Everything was going as status quo until it happened.  I check my score and to my disbelief….I was losing. And not losing by a little but a lot.  On this very day my cousin decided to start Jacoby Ford for the Raiders.  Mind you that Ford has done nothing this year to constitute a start. He is a bye week player.  Not…Any….More!  Not only did he go off, he ran a 999 yard kick return to go along with my hopes and dreams.  That was to start the game, for the cherry on top he catches a 44 yard TD.  This guy gets 75 points all by himself to give me a nice big “L”. To add insult to injury, I started Vincent Jackson on Sunday Night Football.  Of course, I had to be the smart one to start him, be the sneaky guy and come up with a gem of a fantasy player.  He gets hurt 2nd play of the game…period the end!
But there is always next weekend at least that is what my therapist told me on Monday.

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