Chad Ochocinco Angling For A Mercury Sponsorship?

To most people, living the life of a high-profile athlete is akin to starring in a Notorious B.I.G. video - big houses, popping champagne bottles in the back of the club and rolling in fancy cars. Leave it to Chad Ochocinco to inject a little humorous reality.

Ochocinco, who may be the NFL's most masterful Tweeter, informed the Twitterverse about a little fender bender he was involved in on Friday...
WTF!!!! I just ran into a light pole going 9 mph, who's responsible for putting the salt on the road damit!!!
While there were plenty of well-wishers, most people immediately noticed that the car in question was a Mercury.

Wait...what? No Benz, Beemer or Range Rover? What gives? Chad says that's just how it is where he's from.

Why are people asking me why i am driving a mercury marauder, obviously its the ROLLS ROYCE of cars when you from Dade County DONKS=luxury

While it's kinda funny to know a guy like Chad drives a Mercury, it's always pretty cool to see an athlete with down-to-earth sensibilities. It's immediately reminiscent of former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy's Honda Civic mishap.

Seeing how savvy Chad has been when it comes to marketing himself through social media, this could just be another plan to get a sponsorship deal. He might want to try another make, because I don't think he can ever compete with this...

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