McNabb Is Not Black Enough!

You know, I don't understand why people need to talk about other people (Hence I write a blog) when we can care less about their opinions at this state in their careers.

Enter Bernard "B-Hop" Hopkins. Bernard is a great fighter at a weight division that Roy Jones Jr. made famous and no one else. If you ever really watched a B-Hop fight it like two Republicans having a debate, not really fighting but something just happened and a person was hurt.
If you didn't know, Hopkins has a fight coming up soon.....wait, you wouldn't have known because its boxing and no one watches boxing. for those who are interested the fight is Saturday May 21, great set your calender. This post is not about boxing it has nothing to do about boxing it has everything to do with just stop talking about people who have nothing to do with you.

B-Hop seems to still have issues with Ex-Philly Eagle and soon to be Ex-Redskins QB Donovan McNabb. The feud goes back to the Terrell Owens days, when he questioned McNabb's leadership and how the players in the locker room were following T.O. and not Donovan because he couldn't hold his chow in the Super Bowl.

According to:, He is questioning his Blackness as a person. In other words he is as "Uncle Tom" as they come. Wayne Brady might have somthing to do with that..(Dave Chapelle reference) He might as well had called him a "House Nigger". It just bothers me, that this is another form of black on black crime that is not needed or warranted by B-Hop. This seems like a shameless way to promote his fight for a fighter that time has forgotten.

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